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Every family and child is important at Wentworth Preschool & Long Day Care; we provide a welcoming and child-focused environment with stimulating learning opportunities that supports our children, families, staff, and committee and embraces the wider community. We provide a safe, nurturing and fun environment that enables children to develop skills and knowledge that will support them in being capable, confident and competent lifelong learners.


To provide the highest quality care and education where children have the opportunity to learn through a play-based, pedagogical preschool practice.

In Relation to Children

We believe that,

Each child is unique and has a different learning style, therefore we provide a range of opportunities to enhance and extend their learning. Children have the right to explore and engage in an environment that fosters creativity, values imagination and to allow them the freedom to be themselves. This supports them to achieve a sense of belonging and to reach their full potential.

We support children to have a strong sense of identity. This enhances children to develop their emerging autonomy and independence, self-esteem, self-control and learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect. We foster children to develop; social equality, trusting relationships, co-operation, mutual respect, responsible and caring attitudes, independent thinking skills and a passion for lifelong learning.

Toddler Room

In Relation to Families

We believe that,

Parents are the first and foremost educators in their child’s life and are key stakeholders in children’s learning. Therefore families are our primary partners in our teaching and we are committed to achieving collaborative relationships to value our children, each other’s knowledge and communicate respectfully and freely. Parents and family members have the right to share their ideas and have input into programs, engage in decision making, spend time in the pre-school setting and contribute their knowledge and skills to enhance children’s learning, wellbeing and development. It is important as educators that we thrive to encourage and support this.

Every child belongs within their family and their cultural background. We provide a welcoming and culturally inclusive environment, where families’ beliefs, rights and responsibilities are valued and respected. These are contributed into children’s learning and development, our programs and planning, routines, events and within pre-school environment.

In Relation to Community

We believe that,

Children and families are valued participants of the community. Having a strong sense of community supports children to develop their sense of belonging as they seek the opportunity to connect and contribute to their world. Forming a connection to the community supports children in developing life skills that will help them to be an effective member of the broader community in which they live in. We encourage and support children to achieve that sense of belonging, respond to diversity with respect, become aware of fairness and become socially responsible and show respect for the environment by incorporating this into our program.

Our role is to support the local community and to ensure that they understand the importance of early childhood. In our Teaching we reflect strongly on the importance of values, beliefs, cultures and abilities that are involved in our community. We contribute to our wider community by sharing our interests, knowledge and experience with them and visiting our local areas.

Children on the slide

In Relation to Staff & Educators

We believe that,

All educators have a duty of care to each individual child. We will endeavour to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where the children can feel valued and achieve a sense of belonging. We will work together to implement a program that will assist the children to grow and discover their potential and will support their leaning development. We will enhance routines that are based on the needs of each individual child and work collaboratively and effectively with all parties to achieve this. We will ensure that all information and documentation of children’s learning is kept confidential but always available for parents.

Staff are to ensure they are providing a professional quality service. We will thrive to perform at the best of our ability and always encourage and accept further professional development from support networks that helps to improve our performance. We will respect, use effective role modelling and open communication with each other and all parties as we develop relationships among others. We will use leadership skills to guide and support each other as we take on our responsibilities and manage strategies. We will abide by all policies and procedures to ensure our workplace is effective and successful.

In Relation to Comittee

We believe that,

The Management committee are members of the association, who are elected and volunteers from the parent group. Along with the Nominated Supervisor, they are involved in all decision making with a range of areas from staffing, purchasing resources, dealing with government departments, under taking fundraising and ensuring the smooth running of the pre-school. They are to abide by all regulations, legislations and policies when undertaking decisions.

Committee members are required by law to abide by all regulations and legislation, and support, guidance and communication between staff and committee should be open and confidential.

The Committee
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